Hair Salon



Styling (from) Alana Hannah Raychel Nic
£ £ £ £
Cut & Finish 45 40 45   50
Wet Cut 25 25 40  28
Blow Dry 25 20 25-35   25
Gent’s Cut & Finish 15 15 25   15
Hair Up POA
Gdh Curling POA
Colour (from)
Root Tint 45 40 50   45
Full Head Tint 50 50 50   55
Half Head Foils 55 50 55   60
Full Head Foils 65 50 65   65
Conditioning Treatment 10 10 10   10
Under 16 (from)
Cut & Finish 20   25
Dry Cut 10   –
Under 5’s 10  –


For your safety, we insist on carrying out a skin test at least 48 hours before your first technical service.Colour and Technical prices do not include a Cut & Finish.Why not try one of these luxurious hair treatments on your next visit

Under 16 (from)
Spa Ritual Hot Oil Nourishing Hair & Scalp Moisture ( 20 mins)The Ultimate scalp and hair treatment that combines hot soothing oils to relieve stress, tension and irritation from the scalp, whilst nourishing and smoothing dry, dehydrated and brittle hair. A combination of hypoallergenic natural oils from the Natural Cosmetic range are used in this luxurious treatment. The scalp is left feeling relaxed and refreshed and your hair soft with immense shine


Energising Volume & Curl Booster (15 mins)For fine, limp, tired and stressed hair which lacks volume and fullness. Hair is gently cleansed using the wonderful 5 zone relaxing massage and a specially formulated body building shampoo. An intensive crème hair shaft treatment, rich in Keratin and Ceramides follows to add internal strength and external protection


Damaged Hair Repair  (moderate 15 mins / severe 45 mins)This intensive treatment is highly recommended  for stressed, damaged and over processed hair caused by too much wear and  tear from over exposure to heat, irons, brushing or chemicals. Hair will quickly become weak, fragile and especially prone to breakages if left   untreated. This soothing and strengthening treatment will restore and nourish your hair, leaving it stronger, healthier and more manageable

£10 – 15 mins / £15 – 45 mins

Deep Purifying Hair Cleanse (20 mins)A deep cleansing treatment that quickly removes unwanted build up and i9mpurities from the hair. It’s a great hair detox to do twice a year. Even Healthy hair needs a spring clean as everyday pollution and build up can make the hair dull, lifeless, lacklustre and difficult to colour. Blonde and grey hair can be especially prone to looking yellow and brassy – this treatment can improve this for you.


Deep Purifying Scalp Treatment (10 mins)A complete detox for oily, damp or congested scalps. This deep cleaning service leaves the scalp feeling invigorated and refreshed allowing hair to grow through quickly and more freely


Aromatherapy Stress Buster (20 Minutes)This Total Wellbeing experience incorporates a relaxing head massage with a personally selected aromatherapy essential oil. A much needed treat for busy lifestyles and busy minds. Essential oils can vastly improve the overall health and wellness of the hair and scalp when used regularly