Kinesiology Treatments

There is no guesswork with Kinesiology – the exact treatment you receive depends on the feedback your body gives.

Muscles, organs and energy meridians form circuits within the body. Imbalances in these circuits on a physical, emotional or spiritual level can be determined by muscle testing.

Jeanette will check your ability to hold muscles from each circuit against light pressure. If the muscle feels ”spongy”, this indicates an imbalance.

Balance can then be restored quickly and simply, relieving energy blockages, reducing tension, and enhancing the body’s own ability to cleanse toxins and heal itself naturally.

Kinesiology is a natural drug-free therapy.

To restore balance in the body, a treatment plan may include nutritional supplements, stress release techniques, Bach Flower remedies, acupressure, gentle structural realignment, light touch, firm reflex massage and possibly some suggested lifestyle changes.

You may have a specific physical complaint, which may be a chronic ailment or the result of a recent injury, or just feeling ”out of sorts”. Maybe you have tried other therapies that haven’t seemed to work or the benefits have only lasted a short time.

How many sessions are needed?  This depends on your condition, how long you have had it and how fully you participate in your treatment. Between one and three sessions should show relief and health improvement.

Kinesiologists are dedicated to preventative healthcare and many of our clients return for a health MOT two or three times a year.